Age Not a Barrier to Excel
School of Engineering

At 17, Tay Chay Yong joined the Republic of Singapore Navy after his ‘O’ Levels. More than 20 years later, the Navy asked him if he would like to further his studies at NYP. He went for it.

Initially, it was rather daunting for Chay Yong, 44. But he studied hard to brush up on his maths and physics. He got so good in these subjects that he started tutoring his course mates in them. He graduates with a perfect 4.0 GPA, and was on the Dean's list for three years consecutively. The diploma in mechatronics engineering student is one of only three recipients of the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew award, which is presented to outstanding graduates from the technology and engineering courses at NYP. He is also the Festo Bronze Medal award winner for his course.  Chay Yong credits his family and wife's unrelenting support for his success. The couple also welcomed their second child - a boy - during his second year at NYP.


Let’s hear from Chay Yong on his experience in NYP as a mature student.

1) How did you feel about going back to school?

Excited, but worried at the same time. It has been so long since I last sat in a classroom. I started with a part-time bridging course and I worked hard to brush up on my Math and Physics for the Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering. I’m just glad all my hard work paid off.

2) What is your fondest memory of NYP?

"I was leading a team of four students for the International Robot Contest 2017 in South Korea and we won the Gold! It was for the Intelligent Wrestling Robot category. We had to redesign, integrate and programme an autonomous sumo robot. To overcome our initial defeat, I came up with a strategy to drain the batteries of our opponents' more-fancied robots. It was an amazing experience.


3) Describe yourself in three words

-  Determined
-  Hardworking
-  Disciplined


4) What is your favourite food in NYP?

I love the Malay stall at South canteen. Their beef rendang is just delicious. I also crave for their mee soto, a cheap and tasty treat available only on Friday mornings. And their Nasi Padang, is simply  yummy.

5) What are your favourite hang-outs in NYP?

I love our library. The facilities there are awesome. I enjoy studying or working on projects with my teammates in the library. I also frequent our BodyWatch Gym to workout. This is one of my favourite places to DE-STRESS.





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