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Theng Wei Gin decided to take up nursing after seeing her   mother suffer poor health, and needing constant care. She went on to ace her course and is graduating as the School of Health's 2018 top nursing student She attributes inspiring and caring NYP lecturers for her success. This remarkable young woman has taken online courses to improve her dialects such as Hokkien and Cantonese. Wei Gin has also picked up Malay and Tamil. All so that she could better communicate with patients.


Wei Gin clinched the 2018 Tay Eng Soon Health Sciences Award, given to the best nursing graduate of the cohort. She is also a recipient of Singapore Nurses Association Silver Medal. We caught up with her to find out more about her experiences in NYP and life goals.


1.Some people think that nursing is a “dirty job”. Has that ever affect your decision to become a nurse?


That is a misconception. Nursing is more that just cleaning up after our patients. Nurses are highly-skilled professionals. They require analytical and observatory skills to serve their patients well.  A nurse can play many roles — an educator, an advocate, a life-saver and sometimes a friendly shoulder to cry on.

2.How have you applied your nursing skills to help others?

In my first year in Nursing, one day on my way home home, I found a man collapsed on the street after suffering a seizure. With the skills I had from my nursing course, I was able to monitor his vital signs, and ensure his safety until the ambulance arrived. This incident reminded me that beyond caring for patients in the hospital, my training also allows me to help the public when needed.


3.What are the qualities that make a good nurse?

Having empathy and the ability to stay calm are crucial. To be a good nurse, we need to make rational decisions even in the face of high stress and adversity, especially when patients are going through a difficult time.


4. What were some of the more memorable aspects of your internship in Taiwan?

In Taiwan, we built a strong rapport with an elderly patient. During this time, we encouraged him to exercise to strengthen his muscles, and engaged him so that he would not feel lonely. And he appreciated our efforts. To show his appreciation, he gave each of us a Chinese ang bao as a blessing. We were touched. I felt rather upset having to leave him when my internship ended.


5. What do you like about NYP most?

In NYP, we are always given the opportunity to excel and succeed. The holistic education we receive equip us with the relevant skills to join the work force confidently. NYP is also constantly upgrading its curriculum and facilities to ensure that we receive the best education possible.


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