Creation of Healthier Bak Kwa

SCL students Lai Xue Er and Danice Peh from SCL (extreme left and right) created the interesting chicken and plant-based bak kwa, under the supervision of lecturer Lina Tan. SBM student Muhd Haziq (middle) helped market this food innovation. Photo source The Straits Times @ Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction. 


When things go wrong, it can sometimes be a blessing in disguise! That was what happened to a team of students from the Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition. They were working on a healthier version of barbequed meat, otherwise popularly known as bak kwa, when they realised the meat was sliced too thinly and baked at a wrong temperature.

The team, comprising final-year students Danice Peh and Lai Xue Er, under lecturer Lina Tan’s supervision, used chicken and okara (soy pulp) to improve the nutritional profile of the bak kwa. Okara is a source of dietary fibre.

But their blunder turned out to be super crispy and actually quite yummy. It led to a new food product called Shake Meat, with the meat baked instead of barbequed.

When the new creation was brought to the attention of one of Singapore’s top bak kwa sellers, Lim Chee Guan, it piqued their interest to find out more and this led to a product development with the School of Chemical & Life Sciences (SCL). The company is full of praise for this food innovation. In fact, it is actually exploring how to bring it to market.

Another student team, comprising final-year Diploma in Business Management (Entrepreneurship specialisation) students Muhd Haziq Md Hasan and Iann Prasetya Hussi, is working to market and brand the bak kwa.  Guided by School of Business Management lecturer Benson Ong, who linked up SCL with Lim Chee Guan.  

We are going to anticipate it coming out as a Chinese New Year treat in the near future!


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