Diploma Brought Lots Of Opportunities… And Happiness
School of Interactive & Digital Media

With his parents busy at work, Harith was given responsibility for the care of his older brother who has autism. Initially, he struggled – clueless as to how to engage him; until he realised that his schoolwork in the Diploma in Interaction Design was able draw his sibling out from his shell: The two would spend hours together, where Harith would be drawing and creating with his brother’s inputs. Harith will be graduating from SIDM’s Diploma in Interaction Design with a GPA of 3.73. He hopes to further his studies after National Service. He also earns the following academic medal:

·         Huge.SG Bronze Medal


1.       Share with us how you manage to do well in school while also caring for your brother.

Good time management is crucial! I find it’s important to plan ahead and start work early. Staying positive is important too.


I like spending time with my bro, and I think he also loves it. He takes interest in my schoolwork – art and drawing are his favourites. So, I’m happy to share what I do with him and by doing so, I get to work on my skills AND be closer to him. I’m motivated to do well because of him too: I want to make him proud of me.


2.       What was your NYP journey like? How has it changed your perspective?

I wasn’t sure what to expect actually… Interaction Design wasn’t my first, second or even fifth choice! I mean, yeah I was disappointed initially, but things turned around for me quickly. The opportunities that NYP offered me has made me grow as a person and taught me to be open to new experiences.


3.       Describe one opportunity in NYP that had a great impact on you.

I was the first student from NYP to join KPMG Digital Village Singapore as a User Experience & Interface Design intern. Awesome experience! There, I designed financial dashboards under the Internal Innovation team. The project made a difference to how my colleagues work, and that was when it struck me: What I create can be meaningful. It’s taught me that being a designer is not just about coming up with pretty designs in a studio but more about using the skills we have to transform and improve lives.


4.       How did your mentors and peers support you in your journey?

I consider myself really blessed to have understanding lecturers and mentors. They’re sort of like my second “parents” – always ready to give advice and constantly checking on my friends and I to make sure we do well.


I also have a great group of friends. They totally got my family commitments and understood why I often couldn’t join them to hang out and chillax outside school.


5.       Now tell us, what is the craziest thing you have done?

I short-circuited my Arduino components once, by accident! I did a reverse wiring during one of my lessons and it caused a power surge which burnt my precious (and expensive) components. Oh, the pain – I can still remember it!



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