Experiencing Racing Action Firsthand with F1 GrandPrix

Imagine being in the thick of reporting and doing live updates of the F1 action! That’s what I did in the very first month of my internship. 

Hi, I am Sumit Tiwari from the Diploma in Mass Media Management of the School of Business Management. I am one lucky student who did my internship with Fox Network Group. My job? Help produce headlines for the racing action during the Singapore Grand Prix in September 2018.  I also gave updates on the rankings and strengths of the individual race car drivers. It was really exciting! It was also a bit scary as the information was live and I couldn’t make any mistakes. I’m glad I pulled it off. Because of the training I got in school, I could totally ace the various aspects of doing live shows, from storyboarding, scripting, graphics to production and post-production work.

Although the hours can be insane, work is super interesting and fun; I am also working with a great international team – with staff coming from places like France, the US and Indonesia, just to name a few.  I am learning so much! I have not only mastered 7-8 new types of software for production but also learnt how to be a better communicator with my colleagues.

I have been working on new video projects such as the Asian Football Cup and Asian Football Championship League, and am absolutely loving the opportunities!


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