Female Power in IT
School of Information Technology

Chia Li Yun with her two brothers, Chia Wei Kang, eldest brother and Chia Wei Han, second brother, who were also NYP alumni.


Chia Li Yun
20, Diploma in Information Technology

She might be just 20 but during her three years here, she's got two IT certifications from Oracle and Samsung respectively under her belt. Today, she's a pretty well-versed practitioner of Linux and Java programming AND is one of our top graduates from the School of IT with a perfect 4.0 GPA.


1. Fondest memory in/of NYP?

Volunteering at the Silver IT Fest and organising the Senior Citizen Party with my lecturers for about 100 seniors – the smiles on the seniors' faces at the end of the event is a memory I cherish till today!

A cultural exchange trip to Vietnam under the Temasek Foundation – awesome food, exploring the country and making friends with Uni students there.

It was all possible thanks to the opportunities I got here. Thanks NYP!

2. Describe yourself in 3 words.

  • Ambitious
  • Motivated
  • Responsible

3. NYP was your first choice? Why?

My brothers were in NYP before me, at the School of IT too! They did really well, and they told me about the in-depth curriculum and the supportive lecturers. Finding out how well SIT performs in competitions, and how there were opportunities for overseas exchange programmes sealed the deal.

4. Your biggest achievement?

Clinching the top prize in the Network IOT Conquest in NYP where there were more than 100 participants. Designing and implementing networks was not my strongest suit so I joined this competition to brush up on those skills. I worked as a team with my junior and we went through the training and developed the winning solution together. Apart from winning, the greatest takeaway from the competition was being able to overcome my weakness and also being able to share my knowledge and passion in IT with my junior.

I am glad I managed to help him build his confidence. In fact, he was not even expecting to win the competition initially but was elated when we emerged champions.

5. What are you going to miss the most?

My friends and lecturers. They were just awesome.



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