Finding her destiny

Meet Angel, a motivated and dedicated volunteer who feels a need to give back to the community. She mentors struggling students every Saturday afternoon, lending a helping hand to those who are weak in their studies or lack parental guidance at home. Her desire to help is driven by a commitment to never forget the helping hands that lifted her back on her feet when she needed it most.

Angel came from a low income family, and disaster struck unexpectedly when she was 16, leaving the family with an emotional void and an enormous financial debt. With her mother’s health deteriorating, the outlook was bleak, and Angel confides that it was a highly traumatic period. The deep sadness and extreme stress took a severe toll on her emotional health.

But Angel took matters into her own hands, holding several part-time jobs to help the family’s finances. Working in a restaurant at Gardens by the Bay, Angel realised that she really enjoyed interacting with the tourists she was serving. Frequently asked by guests about the “must see” tourist areas in Singapore, Angel enthusiastically introduced them to Singapore’s cultural spots amazing variety of food. In a moment of revelation Angel saw that her destiny in the tourism industry was calling, and she decided to apply for the Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management at NYP.

Her NYP lecturers spotted a talent in Angel and nominated her for the Tourism & Travel Business (TTBiz) Competition in 2016. Initially sceptical about her abilities, she nonetheless decided to give it a go. Together with one of her classmates, she worked hard on the project, communicating across oceans and timezones with students from the Philippines and Japan. Her self-confidence soared when her ideas and presentation designs were well-received first by the project members, and later by the panel of international industry judges. In the end, her group was crowned champions, earning her an all-expense paid trip to Japan!

Angel has high praise for the lecturers from Hospitality and Tourism Management: “They are really passionate about their work and are very keen to help the students. While I was involved in a competition, Ms Shirley Tee and Mr Kevin Wee even came down on a Sunday to support  students.”

Reflecting on the adversity she has faced and overcome, Angel says: “Honestly, it changed my life for the better. I was very fortunate to have friends who were there to support and encourage me during my darkest days. Also, thank you NYP and mentors, for supporting and believing in a student like me. Without you all, I would never be who I am today.”

Looking forward, Angel wants to continue her studies and graduate with a University degree in Business. She aspires to one day be a tourism entrepreneur, travelling around the globe and learning more about the world’s different cultures. And as always, she aspires to help young people who are struggling, and inspire the next generation of children.

All the best, Angel – you’re an inspiration to us all and we wish you well on your journey! 


Because We Can


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