From Classroom To The Skies

To an aircraft enthusiast, building a full-scale, functional aircraft is a dream project.

So when Muhammad Hariz, a life-long aircraft enthusiast-turned-engineer, was assigned to help build a CH750 aircraft for his final year project, it was a dream come true. And it could only happen in NYP, as this is the first aircraft built by polytechnic students in Singapore.

Hariz and some of his fellow course mates from the School of Engineering (SEG) were given the ambitious task of building and assembling an entire two-seater CH750 aircraft, which included working on the glass cockpit and instrumentation.

What’s more, SEG students can now also learn in a simulated airport environment through the NYP’s 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Centre. The Centre comes with a newly-developed 3D Immersive Virtual Reality software - the first in an institute of higher learning - created by NYP especially for its students to get an authentic and comprehensive learning experience.

To naysayers who think that our students are biting off more than they can chew, Hariz, who graduated from the Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology, says, “I felt honoured to be able to build an aircraft. To be honest, I knew nothing about it when I first started but after countless practice and failures, I gained the confidence to build it. 

The experience I gained has changed me as a person. It made me more disciplined and also taught me that it's not always good to work alone, as being able to work in a team can do wonders. You may think building a plane is a crazy idea but when you're passionate about something, it doesn't just have to be an aircraft. Just go for it.

NYP has paved the way for Hariz to fulfil his life-long dream with this ground-breaking project.

Because We Can


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