From Normal Tech to Uni

Hello. My name is Pawandeep, and I wanna share with you my fulfilling journey in NYP. 

My PSLE score was 150. That meant that I was posted to Normal (Technical) for Secondary School. Yes, I can tell you that I was disappointed when I got my results. But I decided to work hard, and put effort in.

Eventually, I worked my way to Normal (Academic) and I took my O levels.

When I qualified for Polytechnic, I made a beeline for NYP’s Diploma in Information Technology. You see, I was really interested in IT. I saw Steve Jobs unveil the first iPhone online when I was in Primary 5, and I was fascinated that such a small device had such amazing capabilities. I wanted a course that would help me become a developer for Apple’s iOS platform.

When I got my first semester’s results, my jaw dropped. I knew I had worked hard and I really liked the subject, but I was still shocked by the perfect grade point average! 4.0!

It took a bit of work to maintain that, but because I was interested in the subject, it was okay. I also had plenty of opportunities: like competitions, taking on certifications, and doing projects like a system for healthcare professionals to teleconference with patients, and another system to handle appointments for hospitals. (My mum’s a nurse, so I guess that was my inspo!) I even did community service, took part in poly-level forums, went to Vietnam for an exchange programme and did research work in Germany. My lecturers were super supportive and it was a great environment for me to learn and explore.

I was recently interviewed by The Straits Times because I’m headed for NUS’ Computing Science programme after my National Service. I just want to say if you just got your N levels, think about how you can pursue your dreams at a poly. Maybe take the O levels or through Poly Foundation Programme if you qualify? Click HERE to read the article.

I know that my stint at NYP helped steady me on my path. I had a great time.



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