He Just Wants to Heal People
School of Chemical & Life Sciences

Cheah Kah Wei is graduating with a Diploma with Merit in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He was on the Director’s list for six consecutive semesters and is also a recipient of the prestigious NYAA Gold Award, the AstraZeneca Bronze Medal, and the AstraZeneca Award for Outstanding Project Work. However, he was not always an “A” student. His push came when he attained the lowest score in his class for PSLE. He saw how disappointed his mum was.

Now, he has a genuine interest in the sciences and healthcare. He aspires to work in the healthcare industry so that he can better take care of his parents, who have various medical conditions, as well as the ill and needy.

We spoke to him to find out more.


Describe yourself in 3 words?

Responsible. Open. Hardworking.


Why did you choose your diploma course in NYP?

I always had an interest in science-based courses, especially healthcare-related courses. As many of my family members are on medication, and the estate where I live has quite a large number of elderly folks, I have personal contact with people who struggle with illnesses. I would like to be able to help these people in the future.


How did you apply what you learnt in your course to help your parents or people with health issues?

I did my internship locally at Changi General Hospital (CGH). Previously, I have always thought that medication was the only way to bring any illness under control, but I was wrong. Although medication can help, patients may refuse to take their medication. In order to motivate patients to take their medication, I hope to use music therapy help them be more compliant and ultimately achieve recovery.

For my own parents, I now also make sure they understand the reasons for taking medication.


Your favourite lecturer?

Ms Annie Ng. She has always been honest with me, giving me good feedback that allows me to further improve myself. I am very grateful for this. She was also my Mentor during my internship, and has never failed to check on me. She even visited me at CGH despite being ill. That really touched me. She advised me on how to handle colleagues at work and even guided me through my university choices. She has always believed in me and in my potential to do better academically and beyond.


One quote that you live by?

“Never give up and let the results speak for themselves”




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