I Took A Gap Year And Landed On Nursing
School of Health & Social Sciences

At 18, Chuah Qin Yi had to take a hard look at her future: Her ‘A’ Levels grades did not qualify her for local universities. She needed some clarity – so, she took a gap year and went to work. She tried her hand at various jobs, but it was her stint as a clinic assistant that opened her eyes to the world of healthcare. Eventually, she decided on nursing as she saw first-hand how medical knowledge, combined with a caring touch, can make a real difference. NYP’s Diploma in Nursing was her first choice. Qin Yi plans to pursue her nursing degree at the Singapore Institute of Technology. She receives the following awards at Graduation 2019:

·         Tay Eng Soon Health Sciences Award

·         MOH Holdings Pte Ltd Gold Medal


1.       You took part in a Youth Expedition Project. What was the experience like?

Yup, I went to Phnom Penh to do community service. Initially, I thought that we were there to improve facilities and impart some skills to the children there. Boy, I was so wrong! It was me who learned a lot – to be thankful for what I have and not take stuff for granted. I saw people who were struggling to meet their basic needs, let alone ensure that their kids received quality education. It made me reflect deeply on how fortunate I am to be living in a community with excellent infrastructure and world-class education.


2.       Who is your favourite lecturer in NYP?

It’s Mr Rahmat! He is very inspiring and the way he talks to us makes us want to do better. Whenever we have problems, we can always approach him. I’m touched that he makes the effort to maintain good relations with his students. ‘Cher, you’re the best!


3.       Tell us about your internship experience.

I did a seven-week stint at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. It was a major opportunity to deepen my skills and learn new approaches in caring for patients. And I got to take some modules at the university too! This exposure helped me to be more confident in my communication skills, especially with patients. Really glad that I got this chance.


4.       Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Working in a public hospital, teaching student nurses and continuing to upgrade my skills.


5.       What is one thing that your friends don’t know about you?

I am actually really shy. I know it doesn’t seem like that as I often speak up in class, plus being around patients, we do have to engage them confidently and warmly. But yeah… I’m shy. I guess my appearance doesn’t show that at all. That’s a good thing, right? I think…



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