I worked on Avengers: Endgame!!!!!!!!!!!!
School of Interactive & Digital Media

Akshya Rameshkkumar won the opportunity of a lifetime last year: A six-month internship at the design and visual effects studio Cantina Creative in Los Angeles, USA. And YES! She worked on the highly anticipated superhero Hollywood blockbuster – Avengers: Endgame!!! Cantina Creative is so very impressed by her that they’ve offered her a full-time position. She graduates from the Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design and is also getting the following academic award at Graduation 2019.

  • Mediacorp Award for Outstanding Project Work


1.       What was the highlight of your internship in La Land?

Definitely it was working alongside big names in the industry. I got to improve my technical artistry skills and learnt how complicated it is to film Ironman’s scenes. It was the ultimate crash course. Although it was tough, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. I also learnt how to work in interdisciplinary teams. This has sharpened my project management and communication skills. It was such a thrill to see my work on the big screen as well. I even stayed behind after the movie – not to wait for any mid- or post-credit scene but to check out my name in the credits. That was just awesome.


2.       How has your internship shaped your current aspiration?

I have asked Cantina Creative if they are willing to hire me as a full-time staff in future. I’m honoured that Cantina Creative has agreed. However, I’m unable to accept the offer at this moment. I’m currently working as a motion graphics artist with a local company - Cum Creative. I’d love to learn more with them and gain exposure working with different kinds of clients first to see what works best for me.


3.       Describe yourself in three words.

Fast-learner (I hyphened it, so it counts as one word heh). Passionate. Hardworking.


4.       What was your NYP experience like?

I will miss the food the most – it’s delicious and (most importantly) cheap! I’ve also made great friends. It’s here that I also got to build my confidence and improve my public-speaking skills. NYP has opened many doors for me. I’m especially thankful to my lecturers, Mr  Jovi Phang, Mr Raymond Tay, Mr Charles Lee and Mr James Lee for their guidance. They have helped me build a strong foundation in motion graphics.


5.       Where do you get your inspiration?

Through my hobbies. I enjoy playing the piano, ice-skating and watching movies. Somehow, these activities inspire my design works.



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