Landing Job in New York

Rainy on the streets of New York.


Rainy Fu graduated from the Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) in 2008 and is now working in New York as an art director with Spotify, the popular music streaming provider.

Back in Singapore earlier this year to see her loved-ones, she made time to share her working experiences with students from the School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM). After getting her NYP diploma, Rainy was employed by SIDM as a graphic designer for three years. You can still see some of her design works adorning the interiors of lecture theatres in the School. She accumulated an impressive portfolio of works during those years.

Rainy exhorted the audience, comprising SIDM students from across diploma courses, to work hard to pursue their dreams. Drawing from her own example, she recalled how she took one year to meticulously prepare her portfolio before she applied for a Media Development Authority scholarship, to study at the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design in the United States.

It wasn’t an easy journey in the States, she disclosed. On many nights, she slept only between two to four hours doing projects while she was a student at Savannah. When she moved to New York as a struggling artist, a fire in her apartment almost destroyed everything. Things only picked up when she landed a freelance job with Quietman, an award-winning creative agency. One project led to another and she found herself doing creative works for big name clients like Super Bowl, PepsiCo and Scandisk. Her works for PepsiCo was even up on the billboards in New York’s Times Square! See for yourself her works at

“Be a doer and always have an open mind. Take up internships as the experience will help you discover whether you like a job or not," she told her audience of creative wannabes.


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