Life at NYP? Busy AND Fun
School of Health & Social Sciences

Loong Yi Xin enrolled in NYP’s Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) via the Direct Polytechnic Admissions (now known as the Early Admissions Exercise) with an outstanding portfolio of leadership and community service.  She was on the Director’s List all throughout her course. Yi Xin graduates with a GPA of 3.94 and the following academic awards.

  • Ngee Ann Kongsi Award for All-Round Achievement
  • National Council of Social Service Gold Medal

She’s received an offer from the National University of Singapore to read Social Work.


1.       Describe your NYP experience in three words.

Fun and busy! (That’s three words – ‘and’ is a word, haha.)


2.       What is your fondest memory in NYP?

My friends and I had so much fun in school. Even when we were working on our projects on campus till late night, it was always filled with lots of laughter.


3.       What will you miss most about NYP?

THE FOOD!!! NYP’s food is awesome and there are a lot of choices. Check out the mala if you’re here.


4.       How did you juggle your many school activities?

I love everything that I did in school. I guess it’s when you find things that you love to do, work doesn’t seem like work anymore! So, it’s got to do with finding things you enjoy doing and then arranging your time wisely. I learned that planning is also very important. I always have a hard time choosing what and when to do stuff, so this is when my prioritising skills kicks in.


5.       What inspired you to take up social work?

I have the best role models –  my parents are in the business of ‘helping people’. When I was young, I used to follow my mother, who is also a social worker, to senior citizen activity centres. And I remember being very proud of what she did – establishing rapport and helping them with their problems. My father who is a pastor also had some influence in my decision to make helping people a career. So, you could say that it’s in my blood.



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