SIT Grads Do Well

SIT alumnus Lu Deng Yun is progressing well in his career with Accenture after taking up the Earn and Learn programme.


Since joining Accenture Singapore under the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme in August 2015, Diploma in Information Security graduates Lu Deng Yun and Tay Soon Boon have already been promoted by their sponsor company.

Both are fine examples of how some poly graduates are turning to an alternative path and pursuing their degrees later on.

Soon Boon, in fact, got promoted two years in a row. He is now in an employment grade equivalent of that given to a graduate with a top degree from a reputable university.

Soon Boon was highlighted by Accenture for his hard work and dedication. The School of Information Technology (SIT) alumnus says: “Taking up the SkillsFuture ELP has given me an edge over my peers who joined the industry at the same time, as I had gained exposure to various industry IT projects and cutting edge information technologies.” He also shared that the key to a successful SkillsFuture ELP experience was to have a thirst for knowledge and never to believe that any given task was impossible.

Another SIT graduate, Lu Deng Yun, was also promoted during his SkillsFuture ELP. He chose to enrol in the SkillsFuture ELP as it was a good opportunity for fresh graduates like him to work with big firms like Accenture and be exposed to the latest technologies.

“I like that we continue to learn something new while working, and after the one-year programme, we earn a specialist diploma,” says Deng Yun, now a software engineering associate. During his SkillsFuture ELP stint, he even went on work trips to Kuala Lumpur and Philippines with his team.

Deng Yun is now pursuing a part-time electrical electronic engineering degree with Nanyang Technological University. He is grateful for the SkillsFuture ELP experience and hopes his peers and juniors won’t miss out on this learning opportunity.

Under the SkillsFuture ELP, Accenture hired a total of 51 students from four polytechnics, with NYP in the majority with 29 graduates. In all, 13 NYP graduates got promoted after the completing the SkillsFuture ELP with Accenture.


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