Snapped up by company an entire year before graduation

Feeling at home with the Intage Team - Fira Atiqah, Linda, Danny, Ilona and Grace (from left to right).


Going into their internship, Year 3 School of Business students Grace Kho Jia En and Nur Fira Atiqah Mazlan admit they were nervous.

They’d been sent to Intage Singapore, one of Asia’s leading market research companies. 

And they were worried about making mistakes and not meeting the expectations of the company. They also fretted about having super strict supervisors, and being professional enough to handle assignments.

They were given a major research project involving mystery shoppers. As part of the project they had to figure out how to capture the shopping experience in a qualitative survey.

“It was rather scary when either one of us faced an issue or made a mistake. However, we learnt that every mistake made is an opportunity for us to learn and grow” Grace beams in confidence. “It did not stop us from working harder or giving up,” Fira Atiqah adds. 

During the internship, their supervisors and directors were all very encouraging and created an enjoyable environment for them. Compliments rolled in when they did a job well, and there was constant feedback how to further improve themselves, say the girls.

Ms Ilona Loo, Associate Director at Intage Singapore said she recognised exemplary traits in Grace and Fira Atiqah – such as initiative, attentiveness, quick thinking and a willingness to go the extra mile, which set them apart from the other interns. The girls were offered the opportunity of extending their internships, and they were only too happy to carry on. 

The duo credit  NYP lecturer Ms Brenda Lim as instrumental in motivating them to work hard and do well in the company. 

It paid off. Even though Grace and Fira Atiqah will only graduate next year, the company has already made them job offers – plus the remuneration is pegged that of university graduates.

 “Just give it your all and take everything as a learning opportunity. Take initiative in work and think of a good solution that benefits everyone, especially clients,” shares Fira Atiqah. “Other than that, every time you make a decision, think from the point of view of your boss and what will they decide. The weeks will fly by very quickly, so make the best of it and have fun!” advises Grace.


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