When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Is There
School of Chemical & Life Sciences

Becoming a doctor was Shahreyll Khairoullah’s childhood dream. But his post-primary education took a slightly unconventional route. Instead of secondary school, Shahreyll went to an Indonesian madrasah or religious school. After National Service, he was initially disheartened to find out that his school qualifications were not recognised for entry into medical school here. He still wanted to do something associated with Medicine, and eventually enrolled in NYP’s Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology, where he learnt everything about how medicines are made.

Thanks to its close industry links, NYP was able to open internship programmes for several of our students, including Shahreyll, at international biotech firm, Amgen. He did so well in his internship that the company offered him a full-time position five months into the stint.

Shahreyll graduates with a GPA of 3.85. He is working towards his new goal of being a process development scientist in the pharmaceutical industry and helping patients by creating novel and quality medicines.

  • Lee Kuan Yew Award
  • Roche Singapore Technical Operations Gold Medal


1. Describe yourself in three words.

Optimistic. Accepting. Determined.


2. What is your favourite memory of NYP?

Ok so, back story: I’m just a little bit older than my classmates, right? And I have slightly more experience, so sometimes, I would advise my friends or give them studying tips. So, there was once when we were revising together for a test. I was going through some of the concepts with them and suddenly one of them quipped: "It feels like I'm studying with my dad."

-Cue split second of awkwardness-

But then we all had a good laugh about it!


3. What will you miss most about NYP?

Definitely being with my friends and doing carefree, student-y things together. We have a routine on a certain day when our break is especially long: We'd have lunch and then head over to the garden at Blk P or Blk S for a power nap.


4. Tell us one thing that your family doesn’t know about you.

It’s not a secret that I’m hooked on Japanese anime and Vocaloids – to the point that I will collect figurines. But… they don’t know that I recently started liking K-pop thanks to TWICE. Yeah, there you go – I admitted it. Hey, I’m not ashamed of my interests. 😊


5. You had a different educational journey than most students here. What is your outlook on learning?

My father used to tell me: "When the student is ready, the teacher is there." That resonated deeply with me. I learnt to be open to experiences that could come from just about anywhere – learning silat from a security guard, woodwork from a friend’s father and life lessons from my seniors. It also teaches me to always remain humble. This has helped me to be respectful of everyone, not just of my lecturers but also my friends.



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