About Us

The School of Design (SDN) is not just about studying and projects. It is also a place where many lasting closely-knitted bonds are forged and maintained; including friendships between staff and students. It is with this 'family' in mind, that the SDN Club was started.

Led by a team of dynamic Executive Committee Members, the SDN Club was set up to foster a stronger sense of belonging amongst the students through a series of activities and events. Organised and managed by the Club, these events include the hugely popular Halloween Party, Racial Harmony Day and SDN Sports Day. Not forgetting the less fortunate, SDN Club also organises a series of community-based projects to bring joy to those who need a little cheer, especially during the festive seasons. All events, activities and projects are initiated by the students with a team of dedicated staff advisors providing guidance and mentorship.

SDN Club aims to develop leadership qualities, teamwork as well as planning and management skills amongst the students.

The SDN Club is instrumental in creating a livelier and friendlier campus life etched with wonderful memories that remain even after graduation.