About Us

The SIDM (School of Interactive & Digital Media) Club serves as a platform for students from the school to carry out activities or events initiated by them or the school. Amongst the events the Club organises are the IDM day, Eco Xmas Tree, Decemberween, Camp Change and SIDM Club Day. 

SIDM Day is the day where we have Secondary Schools and ITE students visiting the faculty for industrial talks and also to have a tour around the faculty to know what is offered. For Eco Xmas Tree, the Club's objective is to create a Christmas Tree made out of recycled materials with donated / unwanted / handmade Christmas decorations and lights with the purpose of raising students’ awareness on conservation and benefits of recycling. 

Through the events and activities carried out, the SIDM Club aims to engage everyone in the school to be involved and to get to know one another as well as to be continuously involved in activities outside of individual course curriculum.