About Us

The Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club brings together students who are passionate about all things Japanese. The club participates in cultural events, exchange programmes, such as visits to the Japanese Association of Singapore and exchanges with local and overseas Japanese High Schools. The club consists of 3 Divisions: Origami Division, Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA) Division and Japanese Music & Dance (JMD) Division. In the club sessions, we learn to fold origami, practice cosplay, Anime drawing and learn to dance to both J-Pop and Traditional Music. 

You will also be able to

  • Learn basic Japanese Language conducted by our Club Advisor
  • Learn to make sushi, tying of "Obi" - (ribbon attached to the Japanese costume)
  • Wear a Yukata, Hapi (Japanese Costumes)
  • Appreciate the flower arrangement “Ikebana” and more!