About Us

Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club (SJCC)’s name is a combination of two iconic flowers in Japan and Singapore - “Sakura” means cherry blossom and “Ran” means orchid. The club’s five divisions are Origami, Manga Anime Illustration Drawings (MAID), Japanese Music & Dance (JMD), Cosplay Anonymous and Film Addicts.


SJCC aims to share their love and appreciation of the Japanese culture to everyone in NYP! The members cultivate an interest in Japanese culture and language and build up self-confidence to improve their communication skills with the Japanese community. Some examples include participating in events organised by the Japanese Association of Singapore, and hosting exchange programs with local and international Japanese high schools and universities.


Members of SJCC also participate in NYP-wide events such as NYP Open House, Student Life Carnival as well as Spectrum: NYP Arts Festival, offering students from different backgrounds opportunities to learn more about various Japanese traditions and games.