In line with Nanyang Polytechnic's overall objective of providing an all round education for its students, this Co-Curricular Activities Points System (CCAPS) is designed to give recognition to students' achievements in the non-academic arena. The CCA grade will reflect the students' involvement in the various co-curricular activities both in and outside campus and will encourage participation by all students.

To access CCAPS, please login via myNYP Portal.



Launch of CCAPS – the electronic tracking & recording of your CCA involvement in NYP

You can record your CCA involvement electronically by using CCAPS, the Co-Curricular Activities Points System. CCAPS is web-based, which means you have the convenience of submitting your entries at home or in campus via the Internet.

Log on to e-Services at the myNYP Portal and you can track the involvement of your CCA on- line.

In CCAPS, you will also be able to find out more about the CCA Scoring & Grading System and also be able to print out a CCA Summary or unofficial Transcript of your CCA involvement. Upon Graduation, you will receive an official Transcript bearing your CCA grade.

If you cannot find the activity (those organised by School) in CCAPS, check with your School CCA Coordinator. If the activity is organised by the Student Development, you can check with the SD Office at Block E, Level 4. If the activity is organised by an external organisation, you should also check with the SD Office to clarify if the activity is recognised.

If you have submitted your entries correctly and if the activities are recognised, your CCA will be endorsed on-line by the organiser of the activity.

In the event you face any difficulties, or if you need any assistance or would like togive feedback, you can email your comments to, "