About Us

In collaboration with Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), NYP CD Lionhearters Club was set up and launched in July 2013 with the mission of raising awareness in Emergency Preparedness, Civil Defence Skills and Fire Safety in NYP. Our Club members are trained by the SCDF in lifesaving skills such as First Aid, CPR and AED as well as fire safety measures and precautions such as proper use of fire extinguishers. The club also provides first aid service for campus events, and works closely with other SCDF Divisions in Singapore to organise SCDF-level projects. These include community and grassroots events such as Emergency Preparedness Day, where club members assist the SCDF in imparting its emergency preparedness knowledge and lifesaving skills to residents.

The annual events that members participate in include the CD Lionhearters Forum where active members are recognised through the presentation of the Most Active Award and the Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC), an international competition organised by SCDF which gathers the participation of various CD Lionhearters Club members from all institutions of higher learning in Singapore. Our club also participates and contributes actively to overseas humanitarian projects through fund-raising activities.