About Us

The goal of the NYP Community Service Club (CSC) is to ignite passion and responsibility in our students and bring joy to those in need, through meaningful community engagement and befriending programmes such as ADAM (A Day A Month) and GoMAD! (Make A Difference). We encourage our members to gain a sense of purpose by initiating as well as volunteering for activities that reach out to a wide range of beneficiaries such as senior citizens, children, families and the disabled. Through these enabling and empowering experiences that our caring student leaders curate, the Club believes that our members can each do our part to change the world for the better, by taking the first step. We organise workshops, trainings, ideation sessions to help NYP volunteers to do good better, using skills, talents and heart they bring along with them!

CSC organises a wide range of events catering to different purposes, such as our bi-annual Blood Donation Drive, where students and visitors from the community help by donating blood for this life-saving cause. During holiday seasons, our members spread festive joy by visiting the less fortunate at elderly homes, hospices, and orphanages.

Join CSC to bring fun and fulfilment to your life and connect with the community!