About Us

Since its inception in 2010, NYP EMCEe Club has trained generations of student emcees in becoming eloquent individuals with a strong sense of service. The capitalised letters in our name “E M C E e” represents Event Management & Community Engagement. Through workshops and training sessions, student emcees learn how to speak with clarity and confidence. They also learn how to remain composed in unexpected situations and present the best version of themselves at all times. 

An NYP EMCEe wears many different hats. During the internal and external gigs that they host, NYP EMCEes serve as the bridge between the organisers, the performers and the audience. Our members get wonderful opportunities to host a wide spectrum of events all year round. These include campus highlights such as the NYP Open House, everyone’s favourite Student Life Carnival, the widely-popular CCA productions as well as NYP sports events such as Martial Arts Night. They also gain exposure through hosting external events such as NUS Inter-Faculty Games Closing Ceremony, concerts at the Botanic Gardens Symphony Stage, as well as community events organised by the People’s Association and Residents' Committees. 

NYP EMCEes are also global citizens. With a strong belief in giving back to the community, our Club frequently collaborates with other CCAs under the Community Service Pillar to plan and execute student-initiated service-learning projects that impact the community. These include the annual Purple Parade, as well as collaborations with external organisations such as the National Library Board and NParks, which have helped NYP EMCEes to broaden their horizons and develop a better understanding of the world around them. They also get the opportunity to hone their event planning skills and give back to the community!

Through these activities, NYP EMCEe Club hopes to groom individuals to have the passion to pursue excellence and excel in all that they do.