About Us

The Ambassadorial Team (A-Team) was formed on 1st August 1995 to serve as frontline representatives and assistants for the Polytechnic during NYP-hosted events. Since then it has grown into a reliable and much sought-after group of students whose strengths include professional yet sincere hospitality, enthusiastic and attentive mindfulness. Usually donning smart-looking blazers, these poised and friendly ambassadors are groomed to exude confidence and a professional image. Besides formal events in school such as Graduation Ceremonies, the Ambassadors are also deployed at external events such as the Singapore International Water Week and Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress, to name a few. 

Members of the A-Team gain exposure in events management as they learn to plan, organise and execute campus-wide and community-wide events. For their invaluable contribution to NYP and the community, the A-Team has received gold medals for excellence in Leadership and Community Services at the prestigious NYP Star Awards for three years running since the inception of the Awards.