About Us

MakerSpaceNYP is a cross disciplinary platform for students to tinker ideas and collaborate on projects. Students develop all kinds of ideas under the environment with access to equipment, tools, coaches, funds as well the network of resources, alumni and industries.

There is a rise in the numbers of student makers that make use of MakerSpaceNYP for informal self-initiated projects. MakerspaceNYP meets the demand of the growing numbers of student makers as it provides the room and opportunity for hands-on work.

The setting up of the CCA club - Makers Innovators Tribe - will enable like-minded students who love to tinker and make things come together to network and collaborate on hobbies, and explore common interests better. The Makers Innovators Tribe will help grow the Makers community in NYP, leading to a more vibrant I&E outcome.

Through the club, students will also develop their leadership, creativity, social skills, 21st century skills and enterprising qualities through avenues that they love.