Dance Company and Danz Inc Production
Published on 14 Dec 2019

Titled “Perception : What’s Your Take?”, the concept comes from how everyone has their own viewpoints, and how opinions are based on the different experiences that people encounter daily. The Concert managed to take the audience through the eyes of the dancers and choreographers, and their own take on dance as well as life.

There were a total of nine items performed by 64 dancers and created by three alumni choreographers as well as two resident and one guest instructors all made the successful concert a reality.

The organising committee collaborated over many months to plan for the combined concert - including conceptualisation, choreography and vetting sessions, countless practices, fabrication of costumes, dress rehearsals etc. This production jointly organized by both Dance Company and Danz Inc allows students to broaden their perspectives on dance, as well as deepen relationships with the alumni dancers.