About Us

NYP Adventure Club, better known as ADC comprises three areas of outdoor activities namely: Trekking, Climbing and Kayaking. Besides the many expeditions that members of ADC participate in, ADC also organises a 6-month Adventure Training course (ATC) focusing on imparting technical and outdoor skills to NYP students who are keen to join the club as a CCA. ADC does not only focus on skills training but also on the physical fitness demands place on an outdoor enthusiast. Twice weekly, physical training sessions will be conducted to maintain members’ fitness levels so as to ensure that members are ready to take on challenging expeditions that are organised all year round. Not just a bunch of students who are only into the tough and rugged, ADC also organizes a wide variety of sporting events such as Climb Run, Canteen-2-Canteen Relay, Velocity (Rock Climbing competition) and SYNERGY (NYP Adventure Race) for NYP students to participate in. ADC is a big family where many who have gone through the journey with us, continue to stay in contact with current members as a closely knit bunch. The motto ADC lives by is: Friendship, Unity, Strength.