About Us

Known as NYP Blaze, our Touch football team is an all-girls team that is open to all who are interested in the challenge to learn a new sport and play on a competitive level . Our training environment is designed to help every girl build confidence by mastering skills and techniques through hard work and resilience. And, at the same time, build friendships for life. 

Every year, we compete in the two major school championships - the Polytechnic and ITE championships known as POL-ITE  and the Inter- Varsity-Polytechnic Championships, also known as IVP where we compete with the universities in Singapore. NYP Blaze has, in the last 6 years, emerged as POL-ITE Champion along with a IVP Bronze in 2014 and a memorable IVP Silver in 2019.

We also participate in other various competitions, such as Clifford Chance Touch Trophy and Touch Singapore Touch League, which enable us to gain valuable experience and exposure. We also compete in the Pan Pacific All Schools Championships (PPAS) where we play against schools who fly all over Asia.