Behind every successful student at NYP is an educator who never gave up on them. Our educators are not only excellent lecturers but also caring personal mentors who take an interest in every student in their class.


Apart from encouraging creativity and academic excellence, our lecturers also care about their students’ personal growth. They work hard to help you find your passion as you explore and grow through student activities and interest groups.


As mentors, our lecturers also spend additional time tutoring you and sharing their life experiences to prepare you for the world out there.


Read on to find out what drives our educators and why they love teaching at NYP.

Our Outstanding Lecturer! Confirm, Chop, Stamp by President Halimah Yacob

Meet Dr Koh Noi San, senior lecturer, School of Information Technology

Well respected by both students and industry professionals

Meet Mr Steven Lee, senior lecturer, School of Engineering

Champion for Industry Projects

Meet Mr Charles Lee, lecturer, School of Interactive & Digital Media

He makes difficult concepts easy to understand

Meet Dr Ramanujam Paramanantham, senior lecturer, School of Health Sciences

She Brings the Industry to Her Students

Meet Leow Zhen Zhen, assistant manager, School of Information Technology

He wants his students to become independent thinkers

Meet Garry Tan, senior lecturer, School of Design