Champion for Industry Projects

Charles Lee (front left) with his students visiting Rolls Royce


Meet Charles, from SIDM (currently known as SDM)’s Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design group.


He teaches Typography and Design Fundamentals, and is well known for championing design projects for students, sometimes with the world’s best-known companies. Take his latest project with Rolls Royce earlier in the year, for example, working on a virtual reality “immersive experience” to showcase the luxury brand’s Bespoke marketing concept.


Thanks to Charles and his students, potential car-buyers are now able to take a virtual tour around and through Rolls Royce vehicles, viewing the nearly infinite possibilities to customise the exterior and interior of the car precisely to their own liking.


And remember those snazzy animations you saw on the stage-front LED panels during the National Day Parade? That’s more creative work done by Charles and his students. SIDM has provided digital media material for National Day celebrations for many years now, be it fireworks in the background or dazzling visuals centre-stage.


We caught up with Charles and asked him a few quick questions:


1)   What is your teaching philosophy?

“I am hard on my students and constantly push them to the limit to deliver more, and they probably see me as a slavedriver. But this is the reality of working in a corporate environment too, and we must deliver on the project – with good quality and on deadlines.


2)   Recount one touching/memorable incident involving a student/students you taught

 My best memories usually revolve around seeing how students come to us struggling with the early stages of their studies and flourishing towards the end. Our students are always up to the challenge, and they get internships at the top Motion graphics studios in Los Angeles, California working on blockbuster opening titles, or with companies in Paris, France, working with the world’s top fashion labels. It is just breathtaking to see how our students blossom if given the guidance and opportunity. 


3)   What is one thing most people do not know about you?

“I’m an outdoors kind of person and enjoy heading outdoors to recharge, whether it’s mountain biking at Pulau Ubin or Bukit Timah, or exploring a historic spot around Singapore. The tranquillity of nature is a great source of inspiration and creativity for me.”