A haven for students’ learning at their own pace and time.

SLA at NYP offers our students the best exposure to enrichment programmes, based on their own preferences and choices.

Here, they can try out new sports, attend clinics to improve their skills, interact with interesting speakers at lunch time talks or take up courses to improve personal effectiveness.


Carefully curated and put together, the wide range of programmes include:

Learn-To-Play Series

For students who always want to try out a new sport, learn a musical instrument or a new language.  For a nominal fee, students can pick up rock-climbing, archery or take lessons in ukulele or music arrangement.



Projects lead by student to help their peers. The students propose their own topics of interest.



Lunch Time Talks

Delivered by industry professionals, staff, alumni or student leaders. These talks encourage critical thinking and give students new insights into current trends.




Life Skills Workshops

For students to learn life skills. Topics include public speaking, money management, leadership development and managing team conflicts.


In addition to the SLA, students can still join the more than 80 Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) offered.

With CCAs and the SLA, NYP offers every student a holistic student experience. Our students will learn many useful skills to prepare them for the working world.  At the same time, they also have fun, expand their network, pick up new hobbies and learn a new sport or two!