NYP Student Life Academy is the gateway to an exciting and enriching student life!


We believe that learning should be flexible and accessible, so we have created a wide range of innovative programmes and workshops that allow our students to develop essential life skills at their own pace and time.


Join us and unlock your full potential!

Lunch Time Talks

Unlock a world of knowledge with inspiring talks from industry professionals, dynamic staff, successful alumni, and student leaders. These thought-provoking sessions will challenge your critical thinking skills and enhance your learning agility, all while providing you with a fresh perspective on the latest trends. Make the most of your lunch break by feeding your mind at the same time!

Life Skills Workshops

Elevate your life skills with our hands-on workshops designed to help you turn your newfound knowledge into practical advice that you can apply in everyday life. From design thinking to conflict management, effective communication to self-awareness and mindfulness, we've got you covered.


Do you have a passion project that you're eager to bring to life? Now is your chance to shine! Propose a topic of interest and lead the way in organizing and executing events and workshops that will engage and inspire your peers. This is your opportunity to showcase your creativity, leadership skills, and make a lasting impact.

Learn-To-Play Series

Are you ready to unleash your inner athlete, musician, or linguist talents of yours? Our Learn-to-Play series is your ticket to adventure! With guidance from our certified coaches, you'll gain a basic understanding of your chosen skill through instruction and practice. Whether you're interested in tennis, archery, swimming, or music arrangement, our learn-to-play sessions are designed to help you explore and grow. For a nominal fee, you can dive into a new world of excitement and discover your hidden talents!


These short videos and podcasts are accompanied by short quizzes and designed to help students acquire knowledge and life skills in bite-size chunks. They are perfect for daily commutes or busy routines.

Looking for a longer-term commitment? In addition to the SLA, NYP offers more than 70 Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) for you to pursue your passions and holistic growth. You may find out more about NYP CCAs here


At NYP, we are dedicated to providing every student with a well-rounded and holistic student experience through our CCAs and SLA. Our students will be given wide range of opportunities to learn new skills, prepare for the working world, and have fun along the way. They can expand their networks, pick up new hobbies, and even learn a new sport or two!