I didn't know what I wanted...until I joined NYP
School of Business Management

Philyra Wu

Diploma in Business Management, Year 2


It's important to choose the right school for you, especially when you plan to take up a poly course. For me, I started out not knowing what I wanted to do after O Levels. All I knew was that I wanted to go to an institution with a good learning environment. But ever since I joined NYP's Diploma in Business Management last year, I've been on an enriching journey of self-discovery. 

My mother's experience as an ex-student influenced my decision to join NYP. She assured me that her polytechnic-days were enriching, and the lecturers at NYP were caring.  

Today, I can confidently say that I've made the right choice. At NYP, I discovered my strengths in communication and social skills, and decided to specialise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). When I was in Year One, I went for a three-day School of Business Management (SBM) camp with a few hundred people. Although I didn’t know anyone when I joined, I ended up winning the “best female camper” award. 

NYP has a family-like environment and my lecturers have given me a tonne of encouraging feedback, especially about my presentation skills.  

During the circuit breaker, my lecturers also went the extra mile to crack jokes and make the online classes upbeat. I enjoyed my home-based learning so much and was motivated to turn up for every class.  

I’ve enjoyed my SBM journey thus far, and all the friendships forged. I've also taken up two CCAs: as a student mentor in SBM Club and the Head of Events in the CRM Club. Of the many events we organised for the CRM club, an online fashion show during the COVID-19 circuit breaker period had to be the highlight!  

From being a 16-year-old teen who couldn't decide on what school to go to, I am now able to set career and study goals. I look forward to my internship in my third year and hope to further my studies with a business degree!