I Was That Student Who Lacked Confidence
School of Information Technology

Oh Jun En

Diploma in Information Technology, Year 3


I used to always avoid presentations and public speaking in primary and secondary school. I didn't stand out academically and thought of myself as a slow learner. But all of that changed when I joined NYP's Diploma in Information Technology two years ago. 

It’s a course that I really enjoy; and my self-confidence has increased. That's because I have lecturers who constantly support my learning style while encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone. 

I love building websites, and I've had the opportunity to participate in competitions and internships beyond any classroom walls. If I had to take up these activities back then, I don't think I'd have had the courage or confidence to do so. 

Beyond academics, I've thoroughly enjoyed my CCA – being a part of NYP's Ambassadorial Team. I also took a General Studies Module in Emotional Intelligence to improve my interpersonal skills.  Other memorable experiences include the overseas immersion programmes I went on, as I got to travel to Australia and Vietnam with my friends! 

During my semester break in Year Two, I had the chance to be in a university immersion programme at NTU. We worked on a project to help track patients with dementia indoors. It was a pretty enriching (and challenging) experience because GPS signals usually don’t go down to micro detail indoors, so we had to think out of the box and come up with creative solutions.

Although I'm still in the midst of my polytechnic education, I've learnt how to embrace my weaknesses and build on the skill sets I have. My personal belief now: Whenever you face any obstacles, don't give up. Continue to push along because it will work out. 

Post-graduation, I plan to further my studies and deepen my knowledge. In the long run, I want to make use of my programming knowledge to help build a website for my family's business!