I discovered my passion and did not hesitate to apply via EAE

NYP was the only polytechnic with a diploma that would help her further her passion in the food and nutrition industry, so she didn't hesitate to apply via EAE.

Published on 30 Apr 2024
Wong Kah Xuan
Graduate, School of Applied Science
(Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition)

I never really thought much about food and nutrition until I developed stress related stomach issues in Secondary Three. After consulting a dietician, I realised that making better nutritional choices was key to becoming healthier. That inspired me and sparked my interest in the field.


I decided to pursue my interest and began looking for a related diploma course. I discovered that NYP was the only polytechnic in Singapore that offered a Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition. That was when I knew it was the course for me, and I made the decision to apply for it through the EAE — it was the only course I applied for.


I was so relieved after I secured a spot through the EAE. It was as though a heavy burden had been taken off my shoulders, as the EAE during my year of application was very competitive. Perhaps because I was more relaxed, I also managed to score well for my O Levels.


Coming into NYP was a refreshing and memorable experience. I was given many opportunities to learn more about not just the course, but myself as well. My interest in the course spurred my academic achievements – I managed to make the Director’s List five times, and graduated top of my course as an NYP Gold Medallist.


Some of my best memories in NYP include receiving the A*STAR Science Award (Polytechnic), awarded to Year Two and Three students who have outstanding academic achievements and are passionate in science and research, and going on an internship at A*STAR.


I acquired many new skills during this internship; I got to discover what it was like to be a researcher in the industry and worked on a research project that focused on ways to replace butter in baking to make healthier Asian pastries, and to make these pastries easier for digestion.


I hope to establish a career in the field of food and nutrition, and I’ll work hard to pursue my interest.