Unveiling Global Healthcare: Nursing Student Internships in Spain and Japan (2023)

Published on 30 Apr 2024
School of Health & Social Sciences
Clinica Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain (June 2023)

Jacob Nicholas Lau Fung Hei, a third-year Nursing student, had the opportunity to travel to Spain for a two-week internship at Clinica Universidad de Navarra (University of Navarra) in Pamplona, Spain.


As shared by Jacob, in his own words:


Even though it was only a short two-week attachment, I felt I had gained a life time of experiences during my internship in Spain. Attached to the university hospital operating theatres, I was given the opportunity not just to observe the on-going surgeries but also to take part and assist in a myriad of surgeries including ENT (ear, nose, and throat), gastrointestinal, cosmetic, neurosurgery and orthopaedic. It was one thing to study and learn about the operating theatre, and quite another thing altogether to actually watch the operating theatre come to life, and the best part of it all — you were a part of that life!


I am so grateful for this internship opportunity. It has inspired me in several ways. Indeed, I got to tour Spain and be awed by its majestic beauty; but what particularly emboldened me was not the scenic beauty of the country but the beauty of the Spanish work culture and how it has positively impacted their healthcare delivery. 


Observing the friendliness and accommodation extended by vestment staff to the nurses, surgeons and trainee students; and witnessing the communication and collaboration not just between professional colleagues but also with other healthcare stakeholders such as the vendors — these are lessons that I am inspired to bring to my future workplace to create a positive work environment for better healthcare delivery.

Fukuoka International University of Health and Welfare (FIUHW)-IUHW Narita and IUHW Narita Hospital, Japan (October 2023)

Natania Ong Hui’en and Celine See, two third-year Nursing students, completed a 12-day internship at FIUHW-IUHW Narita campus and FIUHW-IUHW Narita Hospital. They had nothing but positive comments about their internship experience in Japan.


As shared by Natania and Celine, in their own words:

Our internship in Japan was an experience like no other. We had opportunities to participate in the nursing laboratory sessions in FIUHW-IUHW Narita campus, attend lessons with the other Japanese Nursing students, and even observe a spinal cord surgery and a coronary artery bypass surgery.


This attachment has been such a growing experience for us. We have learnt to become more confident, competent and professional when working with people, be it people under our care or our professional colleagues.  It has given us the opportunity to apply what we have learnt in the classroom to real people and communities, and enabled us to become more aware of the challenges that we may encounter in our future profession.