AiSP’s Student Volunteer Recognition Programme Awards

NYP School of IT students and alumni were recognised with awards for their volunteerism with AiSP in various endeavours related to cybersecurity.

Published on 30 Apr 2024
AiSP 2023

AiSP’s Student Volunteer Recognition Programme Awards Ceremony was held on 10 Nov 2023 to recognise students from Polytechnics, Institutes of Technical Education, Junior Colleges and Secondary Schools who have volunteered with AiSP in various endeavours related to cybersecurity.


This year, our students clinched four Gold, seven Silver and 10 Bronze awards. Our alumnus, Edwin Chua, from the Class of 2022 was also presented the Honorary Ambassador and TCA23 Student Winner Award. 


The awards ceremony also hosted the signing of two Memorandums of Understanding MOU, giving our learners more opportunities in the cybersecurity space.

  • AiSP and NYP-SIT's MOU will give students discounted rates to register for the Qualified Information Security Professional (QISP®) and Qualified Information Security Associate (QISA®) programmes. Completing the trainings or examinations will raise the student's knowledge and credentials in cybersecurity domains.
  • Wissen International and NYP SIT's MOU will recognise outstanding SIT students through NYP-Industry Scholarships. 


As we reflect on the success of this event, we are reminded of the collective efforts and unwavering commitment towards advancing cybersecurity education and fostering a community of passionate individuals dedicated to safeguarding our digital landscape. With these initiatives in place, we are poised to continue shaping the future of cybersecurity and empowering the next generation of industry leaders.