Interested to develop your idea into something tangible with realisable value? Need some guidance to help you get started? Looking to speak to a mentor to accelerate your idea? Or need some small project funding to develop quick prototypes or launch your idea?


iO Pre-incubator (Block R Room 232) is open for student, staff, alumni to consult on: 

  • Startup
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Social Enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship


Access these services through these links:

Mentoring for Startup

Guidance and support to advance the development of working concepts, which includes to accelerate, incubate, and thereafter explore the opportunity to start-up.


To consult with a mentor, please make an appointment now:


For a quick chat with our mentors, please WhatsApp us at:


Small Project Funding

Funding for mock-ups and prototype to develop idea(s). The application for Small Project Fundsing (SPF) requires submission of an application, identification of a mentor, and pitching.


To apply for SPF, please complete the form:

JumpStart Programme

You should apply for the JumpStart Programme if you have a prototype to test, an idea that can go-to-the-market and want to develop the idea for real.

The Programme features:

  • A Preparatory Programme
  • A Bridging Grant of up to S$10,000 for ready ideas
  • Bridging grant can be used for mentorship, marketing & networking, facility, e-resource

To apply for the Programme, please complete the form:

Useful Resources

  • In order to find out more about business development and to be entrepreneur you can visit Enterprise Singapore
  •  If you are ready to incorporate a company visit ACRA

For general enquiries on how to accelerate the development of your idea, please email