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Are you ready to take your post-graduation journey to new heights? We're thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to our state-of-the-art makerspace — a dynamic environment designed to ignite your creativity, fuel your passion projects, and propel your professional growth.


Remember the thrill of bringing your ideas to life during your time on campus? Our MakerSpaceNYP is your playground, equipped with cutting-edge tools, resources, and expert guidance to turn your wildest concepts into tangible creations. Whether you're into tech, art, design, or entrepreneurship, there's space for you to explore, experiment, and innovate.


If you’re interested in user experience, interaction design, or media design – head over to our MakersNode, launched in 2019.


Here, you’ll find brainstorming areas for a whole range of digital technologies, with rapid mock-up capability, eye-tracking (beginning of 2019), virtual reality (VR), vlogging, stop-motion and green screen videography, as well as media editing facilities using the complete Adobe CC suite of software.

MakerSpaceNYP Residency Programme
Residency programme

Introducing our Makerspace Residency Programme — an exclusive opportunity designed to reignite the passions and talents of our alumni community.


As a resident, you'll gain access to our cutting-edge facilities, mentorship from industry experts, and a supportive community of fellow creators. Whether you're a seasoned innovator or exploring a new passion, this programme offers the space, resources, and guidance you need to bring your ideas to life. Join us in reimagining what's possible and make your mark on the world through the Makerspace Residency Programme.

Opening Hours of MakerSpace
PeriodOpening hours
Instruction week11 am – 9 pm
Term & semester break10 am – 6 pm
Last 2 weeks of DecemberClosed
iO Pre-Incubator

Here's an exclusive opportunity, tailored to empower alumni entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Designed as a launchpad for your innovative ideas, this programme provides access to cutting-edge resources, personalised mentorship, and a supportive community of fellow alumni.


Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just beginning to explore your startup ambitions, our pre-incubator offers the guidance, connections, and expertise to turn your vision into reality. Join us in transforming your dreams into thriving ventures and making a lasting impact on the world through our Pre-Incubator Programme.

Mentoring for Startup

Guidance and support to advance the development of working concepts, which includes to accelerate, incubate, and thereafter explore the opportunity to start-up.

Small Project Funding

Funding for mock-ups and prototype to develop idea(s). The application for Small Project Fundsing (SPF) requires submission of an application, identification of a mentor, and pitching.

JumpStart Programme

You should apply for the JumpStart Programme if you have a prototype to test, an idea that can go-to-the-market and want to develop the idea for real.

Useful resources
  • To find out more about business development and be an entrepreneur, you can visit Enterprise Singapore.
  • If you are ready to incorporate a company, visit ACRA.


For general inquiries on how to accelerate the development of your idea, please email IEO@nyp.edu.sg.