Work-Study Post Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Spatial Design)

Work-Study Post Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Spatial Design)

About this course

Course objectives

The course aims to address the industry’s needs for Spatial Designers and enable learners to acquire the necessary knowledge and competency skills required for job roles in spatial design and the built environment sector. This programme will equip the learners with knowledge on critical design thinking, material selections and software skills to meet the work demands in today’s work force in the design industry.

Course description

Specialist Diploma in Spatial Design features a module in BIM which is under the area of IDD that was mapped under the ITM for the built environment. This course also provides learners with updated skills and competencies that are required to remain relevant in support of the transformation of our workforce.

The course makes up a total of 300 training hours and covers the following PDCs:

1. Post-Diploma Certificate in Spatial Design Development (165hrs)

2. Post-Diploma Certificate in Workplace Skills (Spatial Design) (135hrs)