Specialist Diploma in Smart Project and Facilities Management

Specialist Diploma in Smart Project and Facilities Management

About this course

Course objectives

The Specialist Diploma in Smart Project and Facilities Management programme aims to equip participants with in-demand skillsets and knowledge in smart project and facilities management, allowing them to undertake tasks in the built environment as project or facilities managers or client representatives overseeing works in upgrading, improvement or maintenance works in line with future demands to meet the Singapore Green Plan.

The course will:

• Provide participants with a good understanding to the concepts and applications of project management for the built environment sector using smart tools and practical applications.

• Provide participants with introductory knowledge to the concepts and applications of sustainable facilities management for the built environment sector.

• Develop skills to apply visualisation and digital tools to perform building analytics supporting project delivery and performance.

Course description

This programme equips fresh polytechnic graduates and operationally ready National Servicemen from built-environment, design or engineering-related diplomas with deepened skillsets and knowledge to support the industry as project and facility managers.

The course shall equip learners to handle project information and documents while working in a digital environment. They shall be introduced to digital tools for application to facilitate and manage project stakeholders with the aim to meet project outcomes. Familiarity with the BIM platform, using digital design information, data analytics, digital tools for project schedule, project finance and project supervision will be part of the course curriculum

Content and training hours of the course as follows:

1. Post-Diploma Certificate in Smart Project Management (150 hrs)

2. Post-Diploma Certificate in Smart Facilities Management (150 hrs)

Target audiences

This course is designed in collaboration with the industry to ensure relevance to employers. The Specialist Diploma aligns with the SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme (WSP) to enable participants to undergo structured on-the-job training and mentorship. The 12-month work-study programme is targeted at

polytechnic graduates from Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, Facility Management and related Built Environment courses. The course offers fresh graduates a head start in careers related to the built environment sector.

Working adults with background in other disciplines who are now involved in building projects will benefit from the knowledge and skills from the course. The course aims to provide existing employees involved in the built environment sector with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills to enhance their career progression and promote lifelong learning.