Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT (COI-EIoT)

About COI-EIoT

A National Centre for Electronics and IoT Innovations

Powered by a deep expertise in electronics and computer engineering, the Centre of Innovation for Electronics & Internet of Things (COI-EIoT) was jointly established by NYP and Enterprise Singapore (formerly SPRING Singapore) in 2008. It helps local enterprises up their capabilities in product innovation, especially in the adoption of technology, so that they can better compete and grow in a fiercely competitive world. Harnessing the advent of new-generation systems and technologies like Internet of Things, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and analytics, the COI-EIoT co-creates with industry end-to-end solutions in areas as diverse as transportation and mobility, healthcare, retail and smart manufacturing.

  • Innovation & Development Support

    COI-EIoT provides innovation, capabilities & development support via a range of critical services that include product/system design & solution innovations, IP and translational R&D, technology & knowledge transfer, and sector-based technology roadmapping. It also facilitates partnership networking activities to encourage innovation sharing and collaboration and assists in manpower training and facilitating funding access.


  • Eco-system Building & Partnership Network

    COI-EIoT also hosts the IoT Open Innovation Community(IOIC) which is a synergistic open innovation network that brings together enterprises, technology partners, research and knowledge institutions and relevant industry catalysts to explore, experiment, collaborate and exploit the potential of the IoT for new business innovations, opportunities and growth. Community Members can leverage on this networking platform to explore opportunities of partnership and collaboration between enterprises and lead demand organisations to co-innovate IoT solutions to establish new markets in the emerging IoT space.

    COI-EIoT is committed to its strategic role as the key valued partner of local enterprises. Enterprises can tap on the broad continuum of domain expertise available at COI-EIoT and the specialist technology, innovation and business centres at NYP. In partnership, COI-EIoT strives to empower SMEs to grow through greater value creation and enhanced capabilities.


COI-EIOT's Vision and Mission


A national centre of excellence for electronic innovations supporting enterprises to drive growth through innovation, talent development and productivity.



  • Empower enterprises to exploit opportunities through development of innovation-led and market-driven solutions. 
  • Provide technical leadership and domain expertise in product/process/service innovation to enterprises.
  • Forge strategic partnerships, business alliance and networks for collaboration and growth of enterprises.
  • Provide manpower development of students and adult learners

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