1.   The following NYP Assessment Regulation shall be applied to all modules, unless otherwise stated, that are given a letter-grade (i.e. modules that have letter grades of DIST, A, B, C, D and F) taken by students in a Semester:

Under the NYP Assessment Regulations, students who do not achieve 75% or above for attendance shall be allowed to continue with their studies and sit for assessment, but will have their final overall grade capped at ‘D’ with a corresponding grade point of 1.0 (50 marks) if they pass the module.

2.   While NYP will send notifications on attendance to students and parents/guardians, students are strongly encouraged to check their attendance records frequently through the Student Attendance System. To help you keep track of your attendance, NYP has developed a mobile-friendly interface ( where you can access using any of the web browsers in your mobile device. Alternatively, you can also continue to check your attendance records through the Student Portal.

3.   The computation of your attendance rate will take into account approved absence with valid reasons, i.e. medical leave or other approved leave will not affect your attendance computation.

The only absenteeism officially accepted are:

a.    Medical Leave

- Supported by an official medical certificate. Medical certificates must be obtained from a medical practitioner registered with the Singapore Medical Council or a dental practitioner registered with the Singapore Dental Council, who ought not be a family member. Medical certificates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners are not accepted.

b.    NYP Student Activities - Representing Singapore/NYP at official events with prior approval from NYP

c.    Compassionate Leave - Demise of immediate family members

d.    NS Obligations - e.g. Medical check-up at CMPB, reservist training

e.    GCE O Levels - e.g. Re-taking of GCE O-Level Examinations

f.     Public Transport Disruption

g.    ITE/Secondary School Graduation

h.    Statutory Obligations - e.g. Attend court hearings

i.     Internet Service Disruption

j.    Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice/Leave of Absence

k.   Overseas due to Travel Restrictions

l.    Adult Household Member Unwell (Flu-like symptoms)

- Please note that MC and proof of same residence is required for absence for any graded assessments during your LOA. If MC is not available, you may submit a letter from an adult member staying in the same residence as you, certifying that an adult household member is unwell with flu-like symptoms.

m.  Household Member on Home Quarantine Order

- Please note that hardcopy/photocopy of the Home Quarantine Order of the household member serving quarantine order and proof of same residence is required.

4.   Please go to the Statement of Absence system in the Student Portal to update your absence from classes. You must submit the original* documentary evidence, including medical certificates, within the next two (2) working days following your absence to your school’s administration office. Once this is done, your absence will not be counted in the calculation of your attendance.

* Important Notes:

Before on-campus classes are fully resumed, you are required to submit the soft copy to your school within 2 working days. Please check with your Personal Mentor. You must retain all hard copies of original documentary evidence and submit them when you return back to school for classes.