Alliance for Sustainability Innovation (ASI)

ASI is a collaborative platform to support and empower forward-thinking enterprises on their sustainability journey. The alliance provides an avenue for knowledge exchange, alongside sharing of experiences and industry best practices. Our members can look forward to joining expert-led workshops, industry-specific training sessions, and personalised consultations, all geared towards empowering them on their journey towards becoming more sustainable.

Objectives of ASI

Challenges faced by Companies

Platform to Help

Support and Services

Innovation and Development Initiative

ASI provides numerous opportunities to support businesses in their journey towards achieving sustainability excellence. With a dedicated team and cutting-edge facilities, we are committed to assisting companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in developing and adopting eco-friendly solutions that increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Ecosystem and Partnerships

ASI works closely with government agencies, trade associations, and various industry partners throughout the value chain. Our goal is to establish a Sustainability Ecosystem that promotes and expedites the adoption of sustainable solutions across industry sectors.


Sustainability Living Lab

ASI forms close partnerships with a wide range of industry leaders across various sectors to lead and test innovative solutions designed to create a sustainable future.


Sustainability Training Courses

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