Centre for Digital and Precision Engineering (CDPE)

The Centre for Digital and Precision Engineering (CDPE) was officially inaugurated by Mr. Leo Yip, Chairman, EDB on 5th of January 2010. The $21 million state of the art facility is the nerve centre for training precision engineering students and supporting the developmental and technological needs of the local Precision Engineering (PE) industry. The centre will be key in developing and sustaining the PE industry of the future. It hosts new competency areas such as Advanced Machining Technologies, Mould Design & Advanced Plastics Processing, Integrated Toolroom Solutions, Advanced & Nano-metrology, Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

The centre has established strategic partnerships with key global leading companies in the precision engineering process development and equipment manufacturing areas. These partnerships allow the centre to remain technologically relevant and adopt the best industry practices in precision engineering worldwide.

In CDPE, we have FIVE sections/teams to professionally support our core technologies development, with each section focusing on their own areas of expertise: 

Advanced Metrology & QA Section (AMQS)

The Advanced Metrology Application Lab provides a one-stop solution to support the dimensional metrology and inspection needs of industries. 

Aerospace Engineering Group (AEG)

The Aerospace Engineering Group (AEG) supports the training of full-time students in the Diploma in Aeronautical and Aerospace Technology, Diploma in Aerospace Systems and Management, and part-time students in the Diploma in Engineering (Aerospace Manufacturing). 

Digital Manufacturing Section (DMS)

The Digital Manufacturing Section provides courses in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Smart Manufacturing Applications. It also provides consulting services and solutions to the industry in the areas of digital manufacturing, multi-axis machining, and micromachining. The section also undertakes research projects, in collaboration with the industry, to develop smart manufacturing solutions using Industry 4.0 technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and AI.

Mould & Tool Design Section (MTDS)

The Mould & Tool Design Section (MTDS) provides support for mould design, mould flow simulation & analysis, plastics processing & testing and advanced machining training activities for full time and part-time (PET/CET) diploma courses. The MTDS also conducts customised training programme for local industry and support customised international training programme for overseas participants. 

Precision Machining Section (PMS)

The Precision Machining (PM) Section provides support for CAM & CNC machining training for full time & part-time diploma programmes and part-time SkillsFuture WSQ courses. The Section also provides customised training programmes, consulting services and CAD/CAM & CNC machining solutions to the industry.