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Centre for Aquaculture Diagnostics & Vaccines


NYP launched the Centre for Aquaculture Diagnostics & Vaccines (CADV) in 2018. CADV aims to be the one-stop provider of workable and deployable solutions to solve health related problems and nutritional requirements of farmed seafood. CADV’s mission is to help elevate the local aquaculture industry via technological development and deployment, facilitate market opportunities in food production and processing, support government policies, and trainskilled manpower for the aquaculture industry in Singapore and beyond.

CADV capabilities
CADV currently supports the food fish farming community in Singapore and the region by providing the following services and solutions:
  • Farm visits to diagnose disease outbreaks
  • Isolation and detection of potential pathogens from food fish
  • Development of autogenous fish vaccines
  • Novel non-injection fish vaccine delivery systems, eg. nanovaccines and dip vaccines
  • Diagnostic tools for fish pathogen detection
  • Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) solutions for crustaceans
  • Grading and quality assessment solutions for the Aquaculture industry
  • Cellular Agriculture R&D


CADV’s industry partners include the following, Opal Resources, AME2 & ACE, Kuhlbarra, KMP Group (Singapore), CanthoUniversity (Vietnam), JUMBO Seafood Group, and the Prime Supermarket Group.

Aquaculture capabilities
Iconic Project : Fish Health & Diagnostics

Iconic Project : Fish Health & Diagnostics

  • CADV has been instrumental in developing autogenous vaccines which have helped boost the survival rate of food fish like seabass for local fish farms in Singapore.
  • CADV has also ventured overseas to Vietnam to help develop vaccines for the catfish industry. Laboratory trials held in Vietnam have shown promising results, and field trials are being planned to test the efficacy various vaccines.
  • CADV holds a Licence to Possess Veterinary Biologics for R&D work related to fish vaccines development. The license is granted by NparksSingapore.
Mangrove Crab Grading Techniques

Mangrove Crab Grading Techniques

  • A key problem affecting seafood restaurants in Singapore is the lack of good meaty crabs. Some restaurants resort to use of lean crabs but this leads to customer complaints, reputation damage and loss of business. Current methods used to grade crabs are inadequate as they are based on subjective judgement.
  • This innovation is a Singapore developed technology that for the first time introduces a more scientific approach towards mud crab grading. Each crab can be graded in just 3 seconds using our strategy. The innovation improves seafood quality control in our iconic seafood restaurants and the aquaculture industry.
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