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Advanced Metrology & QA Section


Our capabilities include Form & Surface Measurement and Analysis, Gauges Calibration, Computer Tomography, First Article Inspection, 3D Digitisation, and Reverse Engineering, which are required by manufacturing companies and widely utilised for cost-effectiveness. New technologies and innovative techniques are constantly being employed to measure and inspect ever-increasingly complex & shrinking manufactured components.

First Article Inspection: Validation of dimensional accuracy for FAI and ultra-precision measurement. Capabilities include GDT measurement, roundness assessment, and 3D surface finishing assessment.

3D Digitisation & Reverse Engineering: High-speed scanning or measuring of a variety of simple prismatic parts to complex contoured surfaces, including internal features, with digitized data output for CAD generation.

Nanometrology & Material Characterization: Nano measurement and analysis of form profiles and surface topography using contact and atomic force methods. Characterisation of materials and mechanical properties at nano-scale.

Computed Tomography: Non-destructive 3D imaging using XRAYS, providing analysis and measurement of internal features, defect analysis, and actual-nominal CAD comparison.

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Inspection of Additive Manufacturing Parts

Inspection of Additive Manufacturing Parts

Automation & Mechatronics Systems (AMS) constitute part of the expertise of NYP’s School of Engineering. It is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of project engineers, designers, and technologists.

First Article Inspection of Complex Die-casting Parts

First Article Inspection of Complex Die-casting Parts

First article inspection of die-casting part to determine the accuracy of the die casting process.

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