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Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT (COI-EIoT)

Eco-System Development & Co-Innovation


COIE aims to leverage on platforms in new disruptive technologies and growth areas and provide technical leadership in the adoption of such technologies. To empower SMEs in their innovation capacity, support will be given to SMEs to level up their capabilities and ability. 

COIE has also initiated the development of an eco-system network in the Internet of Things (IoT) for knowledge exchange, know-how transfer, business development, collaboration and co-innovation. With the IoT identified as offering great market value potential, COIE sees the significant benefit to facilitate and forge such an eco-system to connect the different players in the value chain to leverage and complement capabilities for end-to-end solutions. 

An IoT Open Innovation Community (IOIC) was launched as part of this strategic endeavour in December 2013. Comprising enterprises, technology partners, research and knowledge institutions and relevant industry catalysts, the community members come together to explore, experiment, collaborate and exploit the potential of IoT.

Our capabilities

The IoT Innovation Lab, established in 2016, is a space dedicated to innovators, solution providers and pilot users to tap on the available ready building blocks and a test-bed for end-to-end IoT solutions. It is also a platform for the IoT Open Innovation Community to collaborate and co-create. By tapping on each other’s strengths and leveraging on mutually beneficial growth opportunities, there is great potential for the Community to move up the innovation ladder from value-adding to value-creating in order to differentiate further from its competition.

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Mr Joh Fung

Centre Director

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  • Email: john_fung@nyp.edu.sg