SGUnited Work and Skills Immersion Programme


SGUnited is calling for graduates to join the Work and Skills Immersion Programme (WSIP) in selected industries. The WSIP offers 2-year contract positions where hires will be equipped with in-demand skills.

This programme is open to Singaporeans & PRs who have graduated after May 2020 (not liable for NS) and graduates who complete their National Service in year 2020 from selected NYP courses.

Find out more about the WSIP here.

SGUnited Traineeships

The SGUnited Traineeships Programme aims to support those who have recently graduated or will soon be graduating in 2019 or 2020, to take up traineeship opportunities across various sectors. This includes those who recently completed National Service in 2019/2020. 

These traineeships will help you develop your skills professionally even during the current economic climate. With a duration of up to nine months and a training allowance between $1,300 and $1,800 for polytechnic graduates, the traineeship programme will equip you with valuable industry experience and allow you to gain a firmer foothold in the job market during the economic recovery.

SGUnited Jobs

The SGUnited Jobs initiative seeks to provide employment opportunities for job seekers affected by the COVID-19 situation. These jobs consist of long-term and short-term roles, to meet future and immediate needs.

Public Sector Career Opportunities & Traineeships

NYP E-Jobs Portal

Explore job opportunities and get access to resources relating to career guidance & planning as well as tips on how to prepare for an interview all at the NYP E-Jobs Portal.

Resources for Jobseekers - job search, career coaching and virtual career fairs.

Career Services

Speak with our Education and Career Guidance counsellors on careers-related issues and further education.