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Want to know what new skills you should pick up to snag that dream job or progress in your career track? Graduates from the classes of 2017 - 2022, we invite you to make the most of the Talented portal by JobTech to search for job opportunities and courses for upskilling based on your skills profile!

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Career Services by NYP

Are you a recent graduate planning to further your studies? If so, come meet our Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Counsellors and explore options available to you.

Need help to review your resume, search for jobs based on your interest, course and personality, or prepare for job interviews? Make an appointment with our Career Advisors who will journey with you in your job search. 

ECG and Career Advisory services are available for alumni who have recently graduated within the last three years or one year after ORD for male graduates.


SGUnited Jobs & Skills Package

The SGUnited Jobs initiative seeks to provide employment opportunities for job seekers affected by the COVID-19 situation. These jobs consist of long-term and short-term roles, to meet future and immediate needs.

Resources for Jobseekers - job search, career coaching and virtual career fairs.

Jobs Go Here

Brought to you by, Jobs Go Here is a job portal for all job seekers - from fresh graduates who are looking to enter the job market for the first time, to those who are looking to make a career switch. It provides links to both jobs and training opportunities, especially in the growing sectors.


Brought to you by MOE and NYC, the GradGoWhere website is for graduating cohort and recent graduates. It includes resources on career guidance, career readiness, career opportunities, career upskilling and other career related tips. Follow GGW on Linkedin at for the latest career resources and tips!

YouthTech Programme

Brought to you by MCCY and NYC, the YouthTech programme aims to provide tech opportunities to recent graduates and young working adults (aged 35 and below) who are seeking employment. Through this programme, youths will be able to pick up digital skills, gain real-world experience, get placement opportunities and obtain a monthly allowance.