It's a Game-Changer

NYP has fundamentally transformed teaching and learning with NYP-PCM. This model reimagines what a poly education is by moving away from teaching subjects, like maths and physics, separately in silos. Instead, it is structured around competencies for the workplace.

Simply put, you will learn the relevant knowledge and skills needed, and how they all work together, in work tasks. So, rather than learn the A to Z of physics, you will learn the specific bits of maths, plus the exact engineering know-how to obtain and analyse data from smart sensors, and top it all off with public speaking skills — so that you can present your findings and make your work count.

And, these are our Trailblazers

Currently, these are the NYP diplomas that feature the new model:

School of Design and Media

C29 Animation, Games & Visual EffectsNEW
(merger of Animation & Visual Effects and Digital Game Art & Design)

C38 Architecture

C28 Common Design & Media ProgrammeNEW

C30 Communication & Motion DesignNEW
(merger of Visual Communication and Motion Graphics Design)

C32 Experiential Product & Interior Design
(merger of Interaction Design into Experiential Product & Interior Design)

C70 Game Development & Technology

School of Engineering

C31 AI & Data Engineering

School of Information Technology

C43 Applied AI & Analytics

If you're not sure which AI-related course is for you, take our quiz to find out!

The Model is Unique

A key feature of NYP-PCM is our partnership with industry majors and leading companies: They work with us to co-develop curricula, co-teach specific classes and co-certify training. And, as these companies are at the forefront of their expertise areas, your course will continue to remain relevant, and your skills, sought-after.

In a nutshell, you will benefit from:

Integrated Learning

Multiple disciplines are taught concurrently. And, you will learn how they complement each other in accomplishing work tasks.

Agile & Responsive Curricula

The learning content responds dynamically and quickly to industry changes. You’ll be equipped with the latest skills and knowledge and stay ahead of the curve.

Industry-Relevant Training

The courses are well-informed by actual industry intelligence and needs. You will receive proprietary learning materials from top companies and stay abreast of new changes.

Accreditation by Industry

You will get additional industry certifications while you complete your diploma. These put you ahead of the pack when you kickstart your career.

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